EventsThe Renewable Energy Business Day is organized by the IWR on an annual basis. National and international experts on the topic discuss national and international market perspectives, financing-related topics, the turn of energy policies in Germany and the latest technical trends.

Topics 2011:

Renewable Energy – investing in future markets

  • The worldwide market for the renewable energy technology, perspectives on Fukushima, investing in China: insights into the “green” economic policy, mentality, chances and risks of the Chinese market
  • Investment risks with renewable projects – basic conditions and hedging possibilities, amongst others, investing in the offshore-wind energy – holding structures and possibilities, amongst others, for local suppliers
  • Renewable Energy Law 2012 – obstacle or accelerator, how effective is direct marketing?
  • Energy strategies in North Rhine-Westphalia – How a federal state wants to increase the share of renewable electricity up to 15 percent until 2020
  • Technical trends: The future solar cell and perspectives on the solar industry, storage technology: from renewable electricity to the storage medium natural gas exemplified by the pilot plant for Audi

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