beratungGermany has risen to the leading nation in the field of environmental technology. No other country in the world exceeds its comprehensive and competent activities relating to research and development. The environmental technology has long helped shape the economic development in Germany.

The sector is coined by the latest events of the day and by quick developments. To analyse trends, developments and perspectives incorrectly may lead to undesirable consequences. Only few institutes can look back on experiences gained in the field of renewable energy like the IWR over such a long period of time.

The IWR is much appreciated for its comprehensiveness of competence in particular. Our activities include economic, site located and structural policy analyses as well as the development of energy industrial scenarios and media services. The IWR develops strategies and integral concepts for the implementation of a renewable energy industry. Thereby, ministries and big companies enjoy cooperating with us.

Due to its independent status as a private sector institute, the IWR is able to carry out its activities on a neutral basis and enjoys confidence with expert’s reports and in counselling procedures.