Renewable Economic ResearchFor more than 20 years the IWR has been carrying out research in the field of renewable energy. Numerous studies have been published ever since.

With the invention of RENIXX WORLD® in 2006, the IWR developed the worldwide first stock index to track the performance of the world’s leading listed companies in the renewable energy sector. Since 2002, the renewable market development has reliably been represented by this index.

Most experts agree that the Kyoto mechanism does not work. Already back in 2009, the IWR introduced an alternative, called the CERINA plan. CERINA means “CO2-Emissions and Renewable Investment Action”. While Kyoto is mainly focused on savings and CO2 reduction, the CERINA plan also includes investments in renewable energy technologies which are meant to help reduce CO2. So a country can also succeed with renewable energy by means of technology, investments and economic performances.

The IWR business climate index of the renewable energy industry has been gauging the business climate (both nationally & internationally) in individual sub-sectors since February 2004. The overall mood index is open to the public. Partaking companies have access to further analyses. 

Moreover, the IWR publishes the monthly report “Renewable Energy Industry” which provides current economic data relating to the sector. Renowned interview partners from the ministry and board level reveal their thoughts and opinions in detail.