Conflict Resolution through MediationWe need to face big efforts, if we want to master the transformation of the energy system. Billions will be invested in infrastructure and technical equipments in the coming years. A considerable number of citizens will be affected by the construction of high-voltage lines, wind turbines and biogas plants. These projects, however, cannot be realized with resistance on part of the citizens. More than often, projects got stuck in expensive trials for years because plans had not been talked through with the persons affected.

Mediation procedures can only be successful, if the mediator on the one hand is accepted from both sides and, if he on the other hand carries out his activities competently. The IWR as an independent institute does not receive basic funding. The herewith connected neutrality of our institute is prerequisite for successful mediation procedures.

The IWR very early started to tackle environmental issues. At the same time, however, we always stressed that a future of renewable energy can only be shaped if Germany’s industrial competences are made use of. Our institute enjoys the confidence of citizens and politics. Thereby, the IWR is respected as a neutral mediation centre with persons involved in conflict situations.

Consequently, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has entrusted the IWR to function as a state-wide central mediation centre for the field of renewable energy.