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Record: Global CO2 emissions exceed 35 billion tonnes for the first time

Global CO2 emissions hit a new record level again in 2013. Annual IWR research into the worldwide development of CO2 emissions shows that the growth trend seen in previous years is continuing. No trend reversal in international climate protection is in view, according to the IWR analysis. At 35.1 billion tonnes, about 670 million more tonnes of carbon dioxide from fossil energy carriers was blown into the atmosphere worldwide than in the previous year (2012: About 34.4 billion tonnes).
"The annual increase is apparently unstoppable, the year with the global CO2 peak and therefore the turning point cannot yet be foreseen" stated IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch in Münster. The development corroborated the IWR trend scenario from 2012 according to which global CO2 emissions may increase to over 40 billion tonnes by 2020 (1990: 22.7 billion tonnes).

Original Press Release: Rekord: Weltweiter CO2-Ausstoß steigt 2013 erstmals auf über 35 Milliarden Tonnen
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