Electricity market: energy turnaround: not always only electricity – Heat is the forgotten pillar of energy supply

These days, when people talk about the energy turnaround, they focus almost completely on the supply of electricity and the price trend on the electricity market. While the electricity market causes tempers to run high, the issue of heat supply is ignored. When turning up the heating, hardly anyone thinks about the fact that we are far more reliant upon oil and gas than we are when it comes to the supply of electricity. The rising cost of oil and gas is not an issue. Dr. Norbert Allnoch speaks in a WDR 5 radio interview about the need to focus more on the supply of heat and on energy efficiency. When it comes to cutting CO2 emissions, the Federal Government is also clearly lagging behind the goals set out in a government statement by Chancellor Merkel on June 2011.

Released on: 2013-10-31