The energy turnaround and the EEG – A system defect

On 6 November 2013 in Düsseldorf, at an advisory board meeting of the NRW consumer organisation, IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch addressed current energy-policy issues. Dr. Allnoch deplored the one-sided view of politicians when it comes to the electricity sector and showed that over 15 years heating energy and fuels, completely disregarding the EEG levy, are the domestic drivers of price inflation for consumers, and that the electricity sector accounts for the smallest price increase. In relation to the current EEG, Dr. Allnoch explained in detail which grave and fatal consequences for the energy sector resulted from the change introduced in 2010 from physical to balance-sheet transfer in the EEG transfer mechanism. According to Dr. Allnoch, consumers are also being wilfully deceived when energy suppliers show, for example, over 20 percent of electricity from renewables, subsidised by the EEG, on a consumer’s bill, even when the same power company, as the law permits, only purchases power from conventional sources. In relation to this, Dr. Allnoch argues for the IWR market price model, which provides for a physical integration of the EEG-exchange electricity into the electricity mix of the energy suppliers.

- Download of the IWR talk „Energiewende und EEG“ given on 6 November 2013, Verbraucherzentrale NRW in Düsseldorf

Released on: 2013-11-06