Comeback for ’green’ stocks – RENIXX World up by 89.8 percent in 2013

After the last three lean years with high price losses, "green shares" have for the first time recovered again in stock exchange year 2013. The international principal index of the renewable energy industry, RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), developed by IWR stood at 320.11 points at the close of 2013, and was thus 89.8 percent higher than a year before (168.69 points). In 2012, the RENIXX fell by 30 percent, and in 2011 by no less than 54 percent. As part of the regular recomposition on the basis of stock market capitalisation on 1 January 2014, three German companies at once (Cropenergies, PNE Wind and SMA) are leaving the RENIXX (WKN: RENX01). Nordex AG is now the only German company in the principal index of the renewable energy industry, which consists of 30 stocks.

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Released on: 2013-12-30