RENIXX World Industrial Index – New composition as of 01.01.2014

As part of its regular recomposition on 1 January 2014 on the basis of stock market capitalisation, the IWR, a renewable energy institute, has calculated the new weighting for the global RENIXX World Industrial Index. This reveals that the bioethanol producer, Cropenergies (D), the wind power project planner PNE Wind (D), the fuel cell supplier Fuelcell Energy (USA), the solar cell manufacturer Ja Solar (CN) and the inverter producer SMA (D) are no longer included in the index.

Newly included are Tesla Motors from the USA (electromobility), the Canadian renewable power producer, Innergex Renewable Energy (CA), the Chinese solar cell producers Jinko Solar (CN) and Shunfeng Photovoltaic (CN) and the US bioethanol producer Green Plains (USA).

Released on: 2014-01-02