Press release: In Germany electricity prices have fallen again – only not for the consumer

In June 2012 electricity prices fell once again, but only for electricity buyers on the exchanges and not for the end consumer. IWR has evaluated the data from the electricity exchange. It has found that electricity prices are dropping on the short-term spot market and on the longer-term future market across the board. The weakness in the way EEG electricity is marketed is revealed. Because electricity prices are dropping so fast and in some cases achieving record lows, the EEG apportionment is also increasing, which, according to IWR calculations, in this year alone is likely to be a billion euros higher due to the current electricity price reduction effect. The aim of ensuring that falling electricity purchase prices and the resulting increase in EEG apportionment even out below the bottom line and have no real impact on the price for the consumer is actually nowhere to be seen when it comes to what happens in practice. What is in fact happening is that suppliers pass on the increase in EEG apportionment, but not the reduction in purchase prices. (PR)

Released on: 2012-07-05