E.ON and RWE profits higher than total green electricity apportionment

For months the EEG green electricity apportionment has been the subject of criticism, being seen as the driving force behind rising electricity prices. To get a sense of context, according to their own forecasts of 19 billion euros between them, the two energy companies E.ON and RWE will make a profit (EBITDA) which is bigger than the payment for the total green electricity apportionment in 2011. Here the EEG compensation payments of 16.4 billion euros in 2011 are not to be equated with the apportionment. Roughly speaking, the EEG apportionment consists of the compensation payments (expenditure) minus the sales revenue for the green electricity (income). The smaller difference is the EEG apportionment which is borne by the consumers. (PR)

Released on: 2012-08-15