Dr. Norbert Allnoch awarded the Reineccius Medal

Since 2008, the Reineccius - Medal has been awarded by the town of Steinheim to pioneers and lateral thinkers. This year the medal goes to Dr. Norbert Allnoch of IWR, a renewable energy institute. The aim of the award is to exhort members of modern society to continue to demonstrate a pioneering spirit and think laterally, with the recipient of the award intended to serve as a model in this. Young people in particular should be encouraged to look beyond their own backyard and play an active and creative role in their environment in order to create a better world for all. Since 1982, Allnoch has been working on renewable energies and, as a lateral thinker and pioneer, at a very early stage helped shape the formation of the renewable energy industry and progress its development.
Previous recipients of the award include the former Federal Minister for the Environment Klaus Töpfer and political scientist Franz Walter.

Released on: 2012-10-26