Global CO2 emissions reach new record level

In 2011, Global CO2 emissions stood at 34 bln tonnes (2010: 33.2 bln tonnes), having again risen to a new record level. No reversal of the trend is discernable. By 2020 the IWR, a renewable energy institute, expects the trend to persist with emissions rising to over 40 bn tonnes.
In light of the Kyoto Protocol, the IWR is of the opinion that the model approach involving the agreement of CO2 thresholds is not working. The IWR is proposing the implementation of the CERINA plan in order to slow down the further increase in global emissions. This plan provides for CO2 emissions in the individual states to be linked to investments in climate-friendly plant technologies, such as renewable forms of energy. (PM-CO2 emissions worldwide and and the CO2 countries ranking for 2011)

Released on: 2012-11-13