Monthly Report on the renewable energy industry 12/12 released

The current e-monthly report ‘Regenerative Energiewirtschaft’, with economic data and facts concerning the sector of regenerative energy, has now been released. The most important topics in this issue are:

1. An interview on wind power with EWEA-CEO Christian Kjaer: “The years 2013 and 2014 will be very difficult”
2. The core topics of global climate protection: The results from Doha, the positions of the countries and the outlook
3. Offshore allocation: How the new law regulates the liability of network operators
4. Nuclear problems in South Korea and Japan
5. Economy: RENIXX-World share index, Ifo business climate index in comparison to the IWR business climate index for the renewable energy sector, reg. power production in November, power prices, CO2 prices, EEG allocation account, EEG medium term forecast, power export
6. Poland to begin PV tariffs in January
7. IWR forecast for regenerative power production for 2012 in Germany by energy source
8. Emissions trading in California: How the US state is setting up emissions trading on its own initiative
9. Interesting job offers and event dates
Download the e-monthly report ‘Regenerative Energiewirtschaft’

Released on: 2012-12-14