The 03/13 Monthly Report Renewable Energy Industry published

The current monthly report Renewable Energy Industry with industry data and facts concerning the renewable energy industry has been published. The main topics in this edition:

1. Interview by IWR, a renewable energy institute, with Dr. Peter Podesser, Chief Executive Officer of SFC Energy AG: "The fuel cell is part of an intelligent energy mix"
2. Allnoch, N: The SLAM model - holistic assessment of regions for industrial sectors
3. Electricity tariffs: Exoneration of the industry in the sight of the EU and the judiciary
4. How Kazakhstan intends to develop 1 Gw renewable energy capacity by 2020
5. Economy: RENIXX-World Stock Index, Ifo Business Climate Index compared to the IWR renewable energy institute Business Climate Index for the renewable energy industry, renewable power generation with year-on-year comparison, energy tariffs, CO2 prices, assessment account
6. International overview of the top 5 wind and solar energy markets in 2012
7. Presenting the offshore network plan of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
8. Turn-around in energy policy: 2013 is a record year for the expansion of coal-fired power plants
9. Interesting advertised vacancies and events diary
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Released on: 2013-03-12