Monthly report of the renewable energy industry 05/13 published

The current e-monthly report Renewable Energy Industry with economic data and facts about the renewable energy industry has been published. The most important themes highlighted in this edition include:

1. IWR-Interview with Dr. Norbert Allnoch about the last 30 years of development in the energy sector: “The renewables era has already begun”.
2. North Sea energy field: offshore wind energy in the coastal states
3. Electricity prices plummet: The prices on the futures market are falling
4. alpha ventus demonstrates base load capacity of offshore wind energy
5. Economy: RENIXX-World Stock Index, Ifo Business Climate Index in comparison with IWR Business Climate Index of the renewables sector, renewable power generation with comparison to previous year, electricity prices, CO2 prices, EEG levy account
6. Attractive job offers and dates of events
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Released on: 2013-05-13