Monthly report of the renewable energy sector for 07/13 released

The current monthly e-report Renewable Energy Industry with economic data and facts relating to the renewable energy industry. The most important key topics in this edition include:

1. IWR interview with Kurt Sigl, President of the Bundesverband eMobilität association, about the current situation of electromobility in Germany: “The pressure on car manufacturers is growing with every project”
2. The EEG transfer mechansim: Defects in the market system
3. SolarWorld drops out of RENIXX-World
4. Construction of new wind station in Aachen
5. Business: RENIXX World share index, Ifo Business Climate Index compared to the IWR Business Climate Index for the renewable energy sector, power generation from renewable sources with a comparison to the figures from the previous year, price of electricity, CO2 prices, levy account of the EEG
6. Interesting job offers and event calendar
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Released on: 2013-07-11