IWR has been producing the monthly report ‘Regenerative Energy Industry” (ISSN: 1867-3279) since 1997 with national and international industry information (RENIXX share index, business climate index, wind and solar power input, pellet prices). Each monthly report includes a unique key interview with board members or ministers.

Previous Minister Interviews::

altmaier Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Environment,  Germany: “The next EEC reform should last for 10 to 15 years” - 11/2012
Youcef Yousfit Youcef Yousfi, Minister of Energy and Mines, Algeria: "We look forward to build a national industry for renewable energies" - 10/2011
Amina Benkhadra Amina Benkhadra, Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, Morocco: "Morocco has a good position within the DESERTEC-Project” - 11/2010
Luis Reyes Luis Reyes, Director of the National Energy Council (CNE), El Salvador: "We’re going set up a masterplan for renewable energy" - 06/2010
Gerry Brownlee Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Energy and Resources, New Zealand: "Geothermal and wind make up the bulk of the extension in renewables" - 04/2010
Jim Mather Jim Mather, Minister for Energy, Scotland: "Reach the landmark of 50 per cent green electricity until 2020" - 02/2010
Moritz Leuenberger Moritz Leuenberger, Federal Councillor for Energy, Switzerland: "We must increase the share of renewable
energies significantly" - 12/2009
Reinhold Mitterlehner Reinhold Mitterlehner, Minister for Economy, Austria: "With renewable energies against the economic crisis" - 08/2009
Sigmar Gabriel Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Environment, Germany: "Nuclear power is incompatible with renewable energy sources" - 05/2009