solaranlageFor 30 years, renewable energy has now been our main focus. Since 1995 our institute has carried out its activities under the name of IWR- institute for renewable energy. The IWR basically deals with four main business sectors:

  • economic and policy counselling
  • renewable economic research
  • mediation and conflict resolution
  • national & international networks and media services

While we conduct our research independently and competently, our institute also focuses on consulting ministries on a federal and on a state level as well as private institutes. The IWR therefore shapes the perception of the renewable energy industry significantly. 15 years ago this new idea was still being smiled at. Today, however, this approach is gradually gaining acceptance.

At a very early stage, the IWR recognized the causal connection between the use of renewable energy technologies and the herewith connected chances for the setting up of a "green" industry and has pushed ahead this development ever since in the course of the last two decades. The role model proves to be the worldwide successful automobile industry. The setting up of a "green" industry calls for the strengths of the industrial nation Germany: inventive genius, developmental competences and both efficient and productive industry production. Our goal is to employ these strengths in the international competition in a new future sector which is effective highly potentially with respect to the economy sector.

Environmental economists, natural scientists and media experts make up our staff. Besides, the IWR cooperates with numerous scientific institutions.