Academy of Public Sciences: global climate protection and the CERINA plan

At the 12th Man and the environment symposium under the title “The carbon dioxide problem”, initiated by the Academy of Public Sciences in Erfurt, IWR director Dr. Norbert Allnoch gave a talk on 8 November 2013 about global climate protection and the CERINA plan (CO2 emissions and the Renewable Investment Action Plan). The world’s energy-related CO2 emissions are rising from year to year and appear to be unstoppable. In his talk, Dr. Allnoch explained that one reason for the stalemate at climate protection negotiations is the limitation and sanctions approach in combination with CO2 thresholds, which lies at the core of the Kyoto Protocol. Dr. Allnoch argued for negotiations on climate-friendly and CO2-free technologies on the basis of the CERINA plan. Politicians are more likely to convince the public and industry of the virtues of investment stimuli as part of a positive incentive system than of limitation, whatever form it may take, Dr. Allnoch argues.

- Download of the IWR talk: „Globaler Klimaschutz und der CERINA-Plan – investieren statt begrenzen“ given on 08.November 2013 in Erfurt, Germany
- Reuters: China, U.S. green spending falling far short, says Germany's IWR

Released on: 2013-11-08